Designing, Planning and Implementing a
‘Winning Strategy’ for your Organisation

Our Work
Winning Strategy

For you to survive, grow and prosper, we would strongly recommend that you will need to ensure you have a ‘Winning Strategy’

To be both successful and sustainable this ‘Winning Strategy’ must have two critically important interrelated parts.

Value – Ensuring that you provide the Value your Stakeholders Demand. This Value varies from Organisation to Organisation.

People – You continuously develop your People into High Performing Teams to Plan, Implement and Deliver that Value ongoing.

Business Navigators will work closely with you to develop a ‘Winning Strategy’ tailored perfectly to fit Your Current & Future Needs.

World of Constant Change

The unprecedented impact of Covid-19 is just one startling recent example confirming that we all live in a ‘World of Constant Change’.

Everybody is impacted by this ‘World of Constant Change’.
Large, Small or Medium Sized Enterprise. Commercial Business, ‘Not for Profit’, or Charitable Organisation(s), all need to lead and manage ongoing Change.
We will work closely with you ‘future proof’ your People & Organisation.


Our Methodology

Value – ‘Leading Edge’ Techniques

We work closely with your People. Providing ‘Leading Edge’ proven Frameworks, Techniques and Tools to enable you to your build your ‘Winning Strategy’.

We take you through the three critical stages of developing your ‘Winning Strategy’ which delivers the Value your Stakeholders Demand.

  1. Firstly, Effective & Structured Designing & Defining Value.
  2. Secondly, Structured Planning & Value Creation
  3. Thirdly, and the most important and most difficult stage – Implementation & Delivery of the Value.

These align with reputable methodologies including those recognised by Chartered Global Management Accountants (CGMA) ®

Our Legacy – People Development

Your People are critically important to ensuring your ‘Winning Strategy’ is delivered successfully now and into the future.

From Day One, we start to develop your people. We use ‘ground breaking’ techniques to ensure individuals develop and grow into high performing teams. Focussed on delivering the Value demanded by your Stakeholders.

Our Legacy to You – When we leave your Organisation, we will have developed your people. They will have retained the required skills, knowledge and experience. They will gain Continuous Professional Development (CPD). This will then enable them to continue to deliver the Strategic Value now and into the future.

Our Promise

We know that you have ‘Choice’

Do nothing

This is always an option for Your Organisation. We would suggest that this is a ‘high risk strategy’ in the climate of rapid change

In House

You can choose to do this Strategic Work yourselves without outside support. Sincerely hope you focus on this area soon and you have every possible success. We wish you well.

Large Consulting Organisations

You can choose large consulting organisations. Who may also provide high quality solutions at fees which may be acceptable to you?

Choosing Business Navigators Ltd’

If you choose us, we will deliver high quality solutions and charge very competitive fees.

We are confident that we will deliver what we jointly agree we will deliver. If we agree, that we do not deliver what we have agreed. We promise we will NOT charge you for Our Services.


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