Module 1 – Self


“If you want to improve the organisation, you have got to improve yourself. The organisation gets pulled up with you.”

Indra Nooyi


How do I continue to develop to be the best Leader I can be?

‘Always begin with Yourself’

Leading others well, always begins from within yourself. You must demonstrate the right Values, Attitudes and Behaviours from within yourself. In other words, to ‘Lead by Good Example’.

Transformational Leadership Inspires Changes in People from within  Following these Transformational Leadership Principles has enabled me to transform myself and to develop my personal Leadership Competencies. I want to now share them with you.

This first ‘SELF’ Module is all about Transforming Yourself. Providing ten exemplar Transformational Leadership & Management Principles. These include ‘Leading by Good Example’; ‘Purpose & Energy’; ‘Visualising Success’; ‘Self-Management Competence Pyramid’; ‘Power of Communication’; ‘Values, Behaviours & Attitudes’ and Others.

This Module takes you on my biographical Journey from being a struggling young single mum of three young children (triplets); with few future prospects; and low self-worth. Knowing little about Leadership & absolutely nothing about Polar Exploration in 1995. Using these Leadership principles, I transformed myself into leading Polar Explorations.

This Module provides you with a choice of excellent Learning & Development. Tools & Techniques which you can then use to really benefit yourself from within and when you are leading others.

We sincerely hope you are entertained and inspired by this Leadership Programme and it really helps you to be happy in your Life and leadership.

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