Module 3 – Environment


“Difficulties are just things to overcome. After all, Superhuman effort isn’t worth a damn unless it achieves results”

Ernest Shackleton


What do I need to do to Create the right Environment(s) to enable People to Thrive, Grow, be Successful, and enjoy Life.

‘This third ‘ENVIRONMENT’ Module focusses on creating the right Environments to enable People to thrive and grow.’

The Environment is the setting within which your Team operates. In Polar Expeditions, you work in one of the most hostile environments in the World. Temperatures are as low as minus 50°C. (three times colder than your freezer at home). On a moving frozen ocean and ever-changing terrain. Strong leadership, high performing team members; teamwork and your Team members thriving and growing are all critical to success.

This third ‘TEAM’ Module is all about creating the right Environments to enable your People to Thrive, Grow, be Successful and enjoy Life.

This Third Module takes you on my biographical journey, moving onto being involved in and leading, various Scientific Expeditions in the Arctic. Working with the US National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA),  the European Space Agency (ESA) and other eminent Scientific Bodies. Measuring the Impact of Climate Change on Sea Ice and in the Arctic Ocean.

This Module covers seven interacting and interdependent Environments which you can choose to create with your Team. These include Operating; Leadership; Supportive; Performance; Learning; Fun; & Sustainable; Environment(s)

Your Leadership Journey is the Destination. This Module provides you with a choice of advanced Transformational Leadership & Management Learning & Development. Offering you exemplar Tools & Techniques which you can then choose to use to creating the right Environments to enable your People to Thrive, Grow, be Successful and enjoy Life.

We sincerely hope you are entertained and inspired by this Leadership Programme and it really helps you to be happy in your Life and leadership.

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