7 Valuable Lessons New Leaders Can Use Right Now

7 Valuable Lessons New Leaders Can Use Right Now


Are you new to Leadership or about to take on a New Role leading a New Team?

Do you want to do really well for Yourself & Your Team Members?


Here are 7 really valuable Lessons ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ which you can choose to use.

They have really helped me in starting to lead and build small teams and large organisations over many years.

In the past, I got many things wrong as a New Leader….and still have the scars to prove it!

Sincerely hope these help you to do really well, and help you to avoid some of the pain along the way!

Mostly, ‘common sense’, but, some new leaders do get these badly wrong and regret it.


1. Communication – ‘Do Nothing, except Listen’

I don’t mean the above literally.

You doing nothing at all, might be very scary news for your new Boss!

I am sure you will have lots to do in your new role.

‘Do Nothing, except Listen’, really means.

  • Don’t make changes in your very early days
  • Do ask lots of open questions and ‘listen to understand’

Why are the best leaders often the best listeners?


2. Direction – ‘Do be very clear on what your team is expected to achieve’. ‘Don’t accept Poor Direction’

Be proactive. You need to have Direction from your Manager/Boss.

Very early clarity on what you and your team are reasonably expected to deliver.

Insist on this clarity of Direction, Purpose & Priorities as soon as is practicable.

Don’t accept Poor Direction, Purpose & Priorities – If you don’t get that ‘Direction of Travel’, how can you know whether you have got there?

‘What gets measured, gets done’ – You need to be very clear on your Priorities. What Outcomes & Results are expected and how are these measured?

Why is the above so important in any Role?


3. Motivation – ‘Do get to know your team member(s). Don’t let first impressions cloud your judgement’

One of the best things new leaders can do is to sit down 1-2-1 with each team member as soon as it is practicable to do so.  Then have team discussions later.

Ask open questions and listen carefully to their answers. Questions which show you…..

  • Are truly interested in them, their Passions, Hobbies, Interests, and Family etc.
  • Understand, Recognise and Appreciate what they Contribute and do for your team.

Get to know them.

Start to understand what ‘motivates’ and ‘demotivates’ them.

Don’t judge people. Be conscious of you own opinions, giving you the wrong impression.

Why do you feel the above is really important for a Leader?


4. Building Relationships – ‘Do be Vulnerable. Don’t try to be a Superhero’

We all have very different Leadership Styles.

Great leaders choose the Right Leadership Style, in the Right Situation, at the Right Time.

Nobody is expecting you to be a Superhero!

Be Vulnerable – You may not have all of the answers…..your new team members may actually know a lot more than you do!

You need your team to perform and you need to build bonds with your new team.

One of the most powerful types of statement/questions you can ask your team member(s) is

“Look, I don’t have all of the answers, what do you think about…?”

“You know more about this than me, what are our Options here…?”

Why do you think this type of statement/question really works to start to build bonds?  


5. Supportive Environment – ‘Do be Supportive, Don’t be Weak’

Humans will respond exactly how their natural instincts motivate them to respond!

If you create a supportive environment, your team members are more likely to reciprocate positively and support you.

Be very clear on the Team Boundaries and understand these as soon as you can.

With New Leaders, some Team Members, may see this as an opportunity. A chance to ‘push beyond the limits’ of those boundaries!

Don’t let a Supportive Approach be misinterpreted as Weak Leadership.

‘Be seen to be Supportive; Strong; Firm; and Fair; to all’.

One of the most powerful types of questions you can ask your new team member is

“What can I do to support you, to help make you be more effective?”

How do you feel this type of question will help you as a New Leader?


6. Leading Change – ‘Do look for best solutions. Don’t let problems stop you’

There may be things which need to Change sooner rather than later.

You may have been appointed to make those Changes happen.

However, you are very likely to need your team to ensure those changes are successful.

Powerful types of statement(s)/question(s) you can ask each of your new team members.

“If you had the power to change one thing in this Organisation, what would it be?”

“What would you then do next to change it if you could?”

Don’t let problems stop you.

Look for your Team Members to provide Options and ‘Win: Win’ Solutions to those problems.

Why is obtaining Team Member Input so important to Leaders?


7. Have Fun – ‘Do enjoy what you do. Don’t get too ‘stressed’ about the challenge’

We spend a major part of our lives working, why not enjoy it?

The best teams I have ever worked with have lots of fun.

‘They work hard together, and play hard together’.

Encourage your team to spend time together socially, if possible.

Do not underestimate the power of this informal socialising together as a team.

Don’t let yourself get stressed.

Remember you have been appointed because somebody else feels you are the best person for the job.

You applied for the job because you feel you can do it well.

Always remember many challenges can be complex.

You are not on your own.

If you feel yourself becoming stressed seek help, support and guidance.

Good Leaders see this as a ‘strength’, not a ‘weakness’.

Reflection Habit: Get into the good habit of ‘stepping back’ at the end of the day, week and month. Enjoy what has gone well. Take actions to improve what has not gone so well.


How can I be a Better Leader tomorrow, than I am today?

We can really help you.

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