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“We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children”

Native American Proverb


The 5 Fundamentals

Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. Being a responsible and sustainable Business or Organisation means collectively delivering the following five fundamentals

1. Economic
Following Ethical and Sustainable Economic Principles in Value Creation (Profit).
2. Environmental
Delivering Environmentally Sustainable Consumption & Production. No pollution. (Planet)
3. Society
Promoting Corporate Societal Responsibility. (People)
4. Governance
Ensuring Responsible and Ethical Business Practices and Governance. (Process)
5. Culture
Can be described as the ‘Personality’ of the Businesses, Organisations & Society (Personality)

Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable Leadership – Sustainable Leaders will need to lead Sustainable and Responsible Businesses & Organisations.

Leading by Good Example – Leading by Good Example is one of the most important Leadership Qualities. Strong Sustainable Leaders will need to lead Sustainability, Responsibility & Accountability

Sustainable Leadership Competencies – Sustainable Leaders will need to continually develop their own Sustainability Leadership & Management Competencies and Values.

Team Sustainability, Responsibility & Accountability – Exemplar Sustainable Leaders will develop the Sustainability Leadership & Management Competencies and Values of their Team Members at all levels.

Leadership Environment – Now and in the Future, Leaders at all levels in a Business or Organisation will need to create and nurture ethical Sustainable & Responsible Leadership Environments


‘Value Driven Sustainability Framework’ ©

Our Value Driven Sustainability Framework supports and enables Businesses and Organisations to be Sustainable and Responsible Businesses.


Sustainability means ‘meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the needs of the future’.

Now and in future, all Businesses & Organisations will need to clearly demonstrate that they are Sustainable & Responsible Businesses & Organisations.

Commerciality & Profitability
Sustainability makes sound Commercial sense. Used properly, you can deliver both Sustainability and increased ‘ bottom line’ profitability.
Competitive Market Place Now and in the Future
If you are not Sustainable, then you will find it difficult to compete with Sustainable & Responsible Competitors. They will leave you behind.
Our Planet will not survive without it. The challenges of reducing Business Carbon Emissions; achieving Net Zero etc.
Will require that you demonstrably deliver and report on sound Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Sustainability Standards. Otherwise they will not invest. Future Investors are likely only to invest in Sustainable & Responsible Businesses
Employees, Customers, Suppliers etc., will all demand that you are a Sustainable Organisation.
Will most likely continue to legislate to ensure Organisations/Businesses address Sustainability and demonstrate that they are acting Responsibly. Regulating to ensure compliance. If you do not comply, you may incur unnecessary costs. For example fines.
Society will Value and Support Local & National Sustainable & Responsible Businesses and Organisations. Poor Sustainability will not be tolerated. For example, the Extinction Rebellion Movement etc.
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)/UN Global Compact
You will need to be seen to be demonstrably supporting many of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and many of the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact.
Sustainable Leaders
If you want to be a strong future Leader you will need to lead ,demonstrably competent Sustainable Team Members, who are leading Sustainability at all levels in your Organisation.

4 Ways We Can
Help Your Business

We will work alongside you and your Business or Organisation, to help you to demonstrate your Sustainability, and Responsibility. Whilst at the same time supporting you to deliver increased ‘Bottom line’ Profitability (or Surpluses for ‘Not for Profit’ Organisations).

A small investment now will realise a rapid, larger and sustainable return now and going forward.

1. Driving Value & Sustainability

We have cut through all of the hassle. Really simplifying what you need to do to both add Value and Profitability; whilst at the same time being a demonstrably Sustainable & Responsible Business. All contained within a ‘Value Driven Sustainability Framework’ ©.

2. Saving you precious Time & Money

This Framework will really simplify and prioritise what you need to do. Saving you 100’s of hours of your precious time and £10,000s in cash and other tangible benefits. For example, demonstrable improvements in Sustainability and Responsible Business.

3. Practical ‘Win: Win’ Solutions

We have developed over 30 practical ‘Win: Win’ solutions. Enabling you to both deliver Sustainability (Win) and ‘bottom line’ profitability (Win); at the same time. These will be immediately available to you to provide you with an instant payback opportunity on your small investment.

4. Sustainable Leaders & Developing People

If you choose to, as Sustainable & Responsible Leaders, you will be able to apply this Framework to unlock and deliver ongoing benefits for your Business or Organisation.

Whilst at the same time, developing your People. Providing them with demonstrable Sustainability Leadership & Management Competencies. We will leave a Sustainable Legacy.

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